#ShelterSunday: Living Joyously


Grace was a victim of a monstrous act of cruelty when a depraved person tightly affixed a rubber band around the top of her leg "to see what would happen." Over the course of many agonizing weeks, the blood supply to her leg was cut off. The poor kitten licked all the fur off of her leg in a feeble effort to free herself from the unbearable pain.

When Grace arrived at Animal Alliance, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for September, her little body was failing. Infection had invaded her bloodstream, and her leg was dead. Thanks to the generosity of their supporters, Animal Alliance was able to save her life, amputate her leg, and hospitalize her for round-the-clock post-operation pain relief. As she healed, she began to show her personality - a loving, friendly soul.

Grace was adopted into a loving forever family. Leslie & John, Hope the cat, and a little pug named Pearl are part of her everyday life. From the start, Grace ws affectionate and playful, wanting to snuggle. Now she emerged as a social, playful, and very energetic cat who is always bouncing around. Her best pal is Pearl the pug, and the two play and snuggle together all day long!


Leslie and John are amazed by Grace, often forgetting that she only has three legs. With her ordeal behind her, Grace has embraced her new life, living joyously each day.