#ShelterSunday: Found Alive!


Last winter The Red Paw Emergency Relief Team, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for October, received a call from the License and Inspection department. They reported a house collapse in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. The resident was taken to the hospital and his dog was running loose on the property.

When the Red Paw search and rescue team arrived on-scene they were told that the resident had a cat that lived there as well, but it was presumed dead. After they spent several hours trying to calm and corral his dog, Paws, eventually they got him! Then the search was on in the collapse building for his cat!


Red Paw does not accept the phrase "presumed dead", they need proof, without it, they presume alive! The responders scoured through piles and piles of rubble looking for any sign of life. Finally after an exhaustive search, peaking out of a pile of brick and glass was Kit, alive, without a scratch on her! Paws and Kit were both examined by a vet, as a precaution and found to be medically fine. They were transported to foster homes where they wait for their owner to recovery from his injuries. As soon as he is stable enough to care for them, they will all be reunited!