#ShelterSunday: Adopt A Fire Kitten


This summer, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for October, the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team, was called by the Philadelphia Fire Department to respond to an explosion and fire in a vacant house in North Philly. The house next door was occupied and affected by the fire. When they arrived on-scene the occupant was frantic because four of her eight kittens were still inside the dwelling, and pleaded for help! The team grabbed their bunker gear and went in to do search and rescue.

A firefighter in the upstairs front bedroom found one of the missing kittens while doing an overhaul, so they started their initial search upstairs. After no luck, they headed to the basement where the team found the first kitten clinging for his life on a milk crate in 3-4 feet of water!


They scooped him up immediately, then started frantically searching the water for the other kittens. Near a small crawl space between the basement and ceiling of the first floor, kitten number three was discovered! After hours of searching, kitten number four was found! In total eight kittens and one dog were displaced by this fire.


The family’s dog and four of the kittens were reunited with their family a month later when they moved into their new house. Unfortunately, they could only take their dog and four kittens with them. So Red Paw kept the other four kittens and have since gotten two adopted. The last two are still looking for new homes (hint hint)!

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