#ShelterSunday: Growing Close

Fleur and Yoda

They came from different litters and different worlds, arriving in their foster home at just 7 weeks old. Fleur was affectionate, enjoying attention in an almost dog-like manner. Yoda was independent and seemed aloof - at least until he discovered a new box or a bag. Then an irresistible curiosity drove him to thoroughly investigate.

Melissa was their foster mom. She watched as the kittens grew, and with time, grew closer to one another. A deep bond of friendship, she realized, was developing between the two. It would be cruel to separate them, even for the chance at a happy forever home.

So, despite the expense of owning two cats, Melissa knew she had to make sure that this friendship would survive. She adopted them permanently. But there was still the issue of ongoing preventive care she knew they'd have to have. Luckily, she also knew who might be able to help.

Emancipet, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for November, has been working in Austin, Texas since 1999 to help make affordable veterinary care available for families just like Melissa's. Today, Fleur, Yoda, and countless other pets are healthy and happy, and best of all in forever homes, thanks to their efforts.