#ShelterSunday: Chili Is Perfect With Pepper

Herminia and Pepper

Herminia and her boyfriend have had their first dog, Chili, for two years. They also foster for a local rescue group, and have been pretty successful at managing to resist the temptation to adopt any of the dogs that have come and gone through their home... until Pepper came along.

When Herminia's sister found a stray black and white puppy wandering the streets, Herminia was happy to volunteer a temporary home, but it wasn’t long before her family fell in love with the spunky pup. "Pepper," as that puppy is called today, is happy, healthy, and safe in her new loving home.

Pepper and Herminia recently visited the newest Emancipet clinic, located in Houston's East End neighborhood. Emancipet's clinics are a resource for pet owners, foster families, and rescue groups, providing access to low-cost vaccines, heartworm prevention, and spay/neuter - right in the neighborhoods where it's needed most.