#ShelterSunday: The Cat Who Had 20 Litters

A volunteer from the H.A.R.T. - Homeless Animals Rescue Team, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for December, was driving home from work one day and saw a sign that read "Kittens for Sale." She made a U-turn, and wrote down the phone number listed on the sign. Later, she called and asked why they had kittens for sale, and the person who answered told her, "My cat just keeps having kittens all the time!" She asked him why he didn't get his cat spayed, and this is where the story gets interesting! He told her that he tried, but she "died" on the surgery table. He explained that he and his wife took their cat to a local spay/neuter clinic to get her spayed 7 years before. The cat stopped breathing after being given anesthesia, so the doctor revived her, called the couple and told them that he "could not spay her" because she had an allergic reaction to the drug they use, and that they would need to take her to a full-service veterinarian hospital.


So their cat came home that day, unaltered. They made a few phone calls and all of the hospitals that they called quoted them around $300 or more to have blood work done first, and then spay the cat. Since they couldn't afford that, the cat just kept having litters, around 20 total! The owners produced the paperwork from the spay/neuter clinic, which showed that she was allergic to the pre-anesthetic drug that they gave her.

H.A.R.T. - Homeless Animals Rescue Team helped the couple to obtain a SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance Program) voucher and scheduled an appointment for their cat at one of the participating animal hospitals. Volunteers picked up the cat for transport, to ensure that she made it there, and the veterinarian reviewed the records from the spay/neuter clinic where she “died” under anesthesia. It listed the name of the pre-anesthetic drug and stated that she had an allergic reaction to it, causing her to stop breathing. The veterinarian said he would simply use a different drug and he spayed her with no problem at all.

It only cost the owners $12, and that was for the cat's pain medication. In this case it was a happy ending for everyone, especially the cat who had 20 litters!