#ShelterSunday: Kringle's Christmas


It was a cold December day, about a week before Christmas, 2012. Our #MonthlyMojo shelter for December, HART, received a text message from a resident at a trailer park where they'd been feeding an established TNR colony of about 50 cats. The text spoke of an abandoned dog that was living outside of her neighbor's trailer. The dog had a broken leg, and presumably had been hit by a car, but no one really knew how the injury occurred. She said that it happened 3 days prior, and she couldn't stand to walk past the dog anymore. HART rushed over there and found the dog with one of his hind legs dangling and turned backwards. He had been outside, in the cold, with people passing by him for three days, yet no one bothered to help him.

At first, they thought was that the leg would need to be amputated, so they called a wonderful dog rescue that they work with and asked for their help. An appointment with an orthopedic surgeon was immediately set up, and HART was given directions to the animal hospital. Kringle was admitted as soon as they arrived, and he began to receive the medical care and attention that he so needed and deserved.

The doctor was able to plate the bones back together and save Kringle's leg. The surgery was around $2,000, and HART put out a plea to their animal loving friends and supporters, raising a portion of the money needed to help cover the medical expenses. The dog rescue placed Kringle in foster care during his weeks of rehabilitation. Initially he was very shy, but sweet. It took time, but Kringle learned to love and trust again. After some time, he was adopted into a loving home, where he became an indoor pet and part of the family. It was a Christmas miracle for little Kringle.