#ShelterSunday: A Tail of Two Kitties


In summer of 2012, HART, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for December, received a call from a local police sergeant and friend. She'd found an injured kitten inside a manhole, but couldn't reach him. HART quickly got a kitten trap to her, and she baited it and waited. When her shift was over, she told an officer on patrol to check and call her as soon as the kitten was in the trap. The officer retrieved the kitten in the trap, but instead of calling, he took the kitten to the municipal shelter!

A HART staffer went to the shelter to get the kitten, learning that he'd seen a vet and was on a 3-day hold. She had to wait in line to fill out paperwork. The man in front of her had an orange cat named Oscar in a carrier. He was surrendering Oscar because the cat had bitten his child. She offered to find him a foster home if he'd only wait a couple of days, but he wouldn't wait, saying Oscar was an outdoor cat with allergies and the only other option was to put him down.

When the Sergeant heard about the kitten and Oscar, she asked HART to get them both out of the municipal shelter, and volunteered to pay both medical bills. The staffer went back to get them both, but found that Oscar had been put into a kennel marked "RABIES QUARANTINE. DO NOT TOUCH!" He was on his back, belly up, purring away.


The Sergeant named the kitten "Lucky," and the HART volunteer added "Sergeant" in her honor. Sgt. Lucky quickly made friends with the other foster kittens. After a 10-day rabies hold, Oscar too was brought into foster. HART discovered that the previous owner had declawed him and then put him outside! No wonder he'd bitten a child - it was his only remaining defense if he felt threatened.

Both Sgt. Lucky and Oscar were eventually adopted into perfect forever homes, where they lived happily ever after.