#MonthlyMojo Demi's Animal Rescue

slider Demi-s Animal RescueThe Jackson Galaxy Foundation #MonthlyMojo beneficiary for January 2016 isDemi’s Animal Rescue of Denver, Colorado “The Mile High City”

Demi’s specializes in behavioral reconditioning and rehabilitation for even the most difficult pets.

This January, #TeamCatMojo is supporting their mission.  Here's how.

1. Jackson’s Pick

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Demi’s Animal Rescue exists today because a 14-year old girl started a 501c(3) non-profit out of her parent’s basement in 2010.

Today, Demi’s Animal Rescue is still going strong with a focus on complete rehabilitation for each animal that it takes in.

They’re a small team of volunteers with a big goal: bring Colorado closer to a no kill state. 

How are they doing this?

By taking responsibility for mending individual creatures, both physically and emotionally, and then finding the best adoption match for each one.

For her work with animals, Demi Merritt received the Everyday Hero Award from ABC 7NEWS in 2013.

This January 2016, Demi’s Animal Rescue is the #MonthlyMojo for the Jackson Galaxy Foundation.

This means a special donation page has been set-up just for them, with every cent going to further their mission.  Not even credit card processing fees are taken out of the contributions made here.

Check it out and see how you can be part of this team’s work.

2. #MaximizeYourMojo

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Once an animal reaches Demi’s Animal Rescue, it only gets better from there.

Each one is soon surrounded by a warm and loving heart.

Fittingly, this pendant of a sterling silver and crystal heart surrounds a sweet sterling silver cat.  And it’s been chosen to help benefit Demi’s Animal Rescue this January.

Wear one on your heart by getting it here.  Each one sends $5 to animals rescued by Demi’s, to help support and rehabilitate them while they wait for their perfect forever home.

This very special Love Cat Sterling Necklace can be purchased here.

3. #ShelterSunday

Demi’s rescue guardians go above and beyond to rehabilitate each animal, whether cat or dog, or any other species they may take in.  (Demi’s was created to rescue all types of animals.)

Each Sunday, JacksonGalaxy.com will publish a heartwarming story from Demi’s.

We invite you to check and get an inspirational boost from the good being done for animals in Colorado.  Start your week off with a smile on your face; check back in on Sundays and look for the posts titled #ShelterSunday….

Congratulations to Demi’s Animal Rescue on being the Jackson Galaxy Foundation #MonthlyMojo for January 2016!

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