#ShelterSunday: Treasure, Not Trash

At first glance, the staff at Demi's Animal Rescue, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for January, thought the tiny kitten was trash. What would a kitten be doing in a parking lot in the middle of an outdoor mall?! But as soon as they realized it was a kitten, they jumped out of the slowly moving vehicle to try to rescue her. Tiny Sofrita was eating leftover Chipotle that had been spilled, thrown out, or forgotten - much like herself.


Two of Demi's board members spent hours trying to gain her trust, and were finally able to trap her and bring her in to safety. They learned from restaurant staff that she had been out there for more than two weeks! Demi's focused on getting her fed, complimenting her care with vet visits and lots of love. She was terrified after her ordeal, so socialization took some time and patience.

Sofrita turned into a very sweet kitty, and found her forever home with an older cat who had also been a resident at Demi's Animal Rescue. They love to snuggle, and help to run a family-owned business!