#ShelterSunday: Happy Gertrude

You'd think that after five years of animal rescue work, nothing would surprise you anymore; that you'd develop an immunity to the situations you see animals go through when you see it every day. This is partly true. But the caring people who operate rescues like Demi's won't let it get in the way of saving lives. Gertrude was a bag of bones, with a scabby face and broken leg wrapped in a hot-pink cast. Demi's Animal Rescue, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for January, had been contacted about her by another shelter. They couldn't share what had happened to Gertrude because she was being used as evidence in court. Rescue staff never found out why she was so scabby and skinny. She was so happy, thankful, and forgiving.


They focused on getting Gertrude healthy. She needed multiple trips to the vet to heal her leg and a bacterial infection, and they worked on putting some weight on her. Her foster mom in Denver did an amazing job of getting Gertrude ready for her new life. She began to recover quickly; full recovery still took a bit of time, but her spirit did not drop once, and her tail never stopped wagging.

When Gertrude was finally ready for adoption, Demi's Animal Rescue found her an amazing home with two dog siblings, wonderful and loving parents, and some grandkids that adore her. They gave her a new name, too: it's now Zoey. She has never been happier.