#ShelterSunday: Buff The Magic Kitty

As a kitten, Buff was rescued from the Arizona desert, only to find himself in a hoarding situation living with over 120 other cats and kittens. Buff never received the attention, socialization, and veterinary care he needed to be adoptable. Buff was given another chance when Fearless Kitty Rescue, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for February, took him in as one of their first rescues in 2012. Although a beautiful kitty, Buff's time with so many cats took its toll. Buff liked to bite and nip to get attention, and played rough. His gums were bright red, inflamed with gingivitis, and his teeth were covered in plaque. According to his doctor, this is often the result of living with so many cats.


Dedicated volunteers worked with Buff, and he was often taken to adoption events, where his creamy-orange coloring and sweet face drew attention. Once potential adopters realized how rough he could be, they quickly lost interest. As Buff began lashing out at the rescue’s other cats, a foster intervention was planned.

Buff was placed as a single cat in a new foster home. He could get the love, discipline, and personal attention he needed. This was Buff's first time in a real home. It became obvious how much he craved attention, he just did not know how to get it. Soon he was following his foster mom around, learning about treats, and enjoying lots of chin scratches. With enough stimulating toys, and someone to play with him, Buff's silly personality began to shine through.

As Buff was becoming a more social kitty, his health needs were being addressed. He was given his first dental cleaning where it was determined he needed 13 teeth extracted. While a sad sign of his past, it was a positive step in his transition to live as a healthy and happy kitty.

Buff's story has a very happy ending. His foster mom became a "foster failure" in the best way possible: she decided Buff should be a part of her life as her very own kitty.

Rescue organizations such as Fearless Kitty Rescue change lives on a daily basis through rescue, adoption, and support. Buff and his new family are just one of many rescue and adoption stories with a happy outcome.