#ShelterSunday: The Apple and the Bean

As many involved in rescue work know, the beginning of the story doesn't necessarily dictate how things will work out. Such is the story of Newton. This little kitty came into the world with a crash- literally! Newton was one of four, day-old kittens that rolled off the edge of a two-story property under renovation. Construction workers on the scene called Fearless Kitty Rescue, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for February, and volunteers responded immediately. The scene was one of wreckage: a decrepit building full of wood and debris and strong men shaking over four little bodies. Only one kitten survived; the workers named him "Newton." Newton was immediately transferred to a Fearless Kitty volunteer for the second big fight of his little life. He was cleaned, checked for injuries, and placed in a heated basket with baby blankets. Getting Newton to nurse from a bottle was quite the challenge, as Newton had only nursed from his mother. For two days Newton rejected the bottle, his tiny mouth clamped shut. The volunteer struggled, but kept at it, occasionally forcing a little food into his mouth with an eye dropper. Finally Newton got it! He would never miss a meal again.

One week later Newton got a friend. Bean, another sole survivor of an accident, was two days old, solid black, and very vocal. Housed together, they became litter mates and best friends.


Two weeks went by and both kitties were doing well. Then Newton became sick with a respiratory problem and subsequent loss of appetite- pretty dire circumstances for such a young kitty. Fearless Kitty Rescue rushed Newton to the veterinarian who prescribed antibiotics and he was returned home. While at the veterinarian's office, it was discovered Newton was actually a girl and "he" promptly became "Apple!"

Apple and Bean were devoted to each other and the thought of separating them was heartbreaking. However, more luck came into their lives. An artist participating in a Fearless Kitty Rescue fundraiser visited the facility with her husband and they both fell in love with the kittens, committing to take them both when they were ready. For six weeks the couple visited their babies and started the bond of new adoptive families.

One more obstacle, however, interrupted this story of happily ever after: Apple tested positive for feline leukemia virus and Bean tested negative. Both were scheduled to be retested in four weeks, but needed to be quarantined. Bean went home with his new family and Apple went back to her foster mom. Finally, after four long weeks, both kittens tested negative. Tears of joy all around!

Apple and Bean are happily living together with their forever parents. These two kittens started their journey alone, overcame daunting challenges, and are best pals forever.