#ShelterSunday: THE Fearless Kitty


Who would have thought that a helpless kitten would become the mascot and trademark of a cat rescue organization? That certainly wasn't the intention when the little baby was taken in as one of the first cats in a newly formed rescue organization in Fountain Hills, Arizona!

Karma was found in a garden with two siblings, and taken to a local pet supply store. The employees carefully accepted the little babies, and called some volunteers known for working with cat rescues. The volunteers rushed to the store and accepted the box of kittens, which were taken directly to the veterinarian for a checkup. They were relatively healthy, but still had a long fight for survival in front of them. They received special round-the-clock attention in foster care, including bottle feeding.


It was fortuitous that Karma and her siblings were found at the same time a new cat rescue organization was being formed. Kim and Paula had been volunteering with a local cat rescue when they decided to start their own, and were actually moving into their space and completing the paperwork to become a non-profit organization. They only needed a name! Kim and Paula looked at the little kitten family. Their survival would require some fearless effort and dedication - they'd been abandoned at just nineteen days old, and each weighed just ten ounces. With that thought in mind, Fearless Kitty Rescue, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for February, got its name and mascot.

Today, Karma is a very happy kitty. She and her brother were adopted by a loving family, and they share that Karma is "definitely the princess kitty; she will let you know when she wants attention and not before. She loves to give kisses and has become quite the lap cat." A happy story for an inspirational kitten!