#ShelterSunday: On Melting A Heart

All cats are considered special at Fearless Kitty Rescue, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for February. But some have a life story that makes them just a little bit more "special." One such cat is Molly. Molly was found in a feral colony and was brought to Fearless by her "finder," who told the volunteers that Molly was friendly and gentle. Turns out that wasn't the case. Molly was quite the untouchable: hiding, striking out, totally wanting to be left alone by humans and kitties alike. Molly was certainly the "lonesome cowgirl" during her first year with Fearless Kitty, which was just as she wanted it.

With very slow and careful cultivation by a select group of volunteers, Molly began to be seen out from under the covers. She still had her favorite perch high on a cat tree, facing the wall, but at least was out in public. Around mid-year of year two, Molly could be seen taking short walks among the cats and even choosing a "boyfriend" from among the male cats. As each boyfriend was adopted, she transferred her affections to another fair-haired boy. Molly, the cat facing you, is shown in the picture with five of her "favorites."


Love must have melted her heart; she started spending more time with all of the cats and even allowing volunteers to pet her. In addition to receiving love around the rescue, one of the biggest factors in Molly's trans-formation was her dental surgery: her mouth was a mess of bad teeth and, with a bit of surgery, Molly's attitude changed dramatically. Proper medical and dental care can make a huge difference in the demeanor and life of an animal.

Fast forward to today when Molly now comes running to greet volunteers, plays with the other cats, and shows a bit of her "gentler side." It will take a special person to see her the true nature, but if that special person does not appear, Molly will always have a loving home with Fearless Kitty Rescue. Never forget to love those left behind!