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The Jackson Galaxy Foundation #MonthlyMojo beneficiary for March 2016 is Animal Lifeline of Warrington, Pennsylvania “The Keystone State”

The people at Animal Lifeline, based in Warrington, Pennsylvania, do so many different things for animals that it is difficult to feature just one aspect of their work.  

What do they do?  And what does it mean that they’re our #MonthlyMojo for March?  Read on.

Jackson’s Pick

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Animal Lifeline sees themselves as a “rescue to the rescuers” and, through various fundraising activities, they are able to supply many private and municipal animal rescues and shelters with food, transportation, spay and neuter assistance, grant and medication procurement, kennel equipment, and just about anything else you can think of. They operate on the principle that people working together can accomplish great change, and they and their legion of volunteers are proving the truth in that statement.

This month, #TeamCatMojo is proud to help supercharge their efforts.  Here’s how.

A special donation page for Animal Lifeline has been set up where every cent goes to further their mission of developing humane solutions for at-risk pets. In other words, you give through this link, they don’t even need to pay the few cents in fees to process your credit card!  It’s the most effective way to help.

Just $12 will provide life-saving antibiotics for one sick kitty, and $30 will neuter a cat.  See the other cool things you can do help the cats of Warrington, PA here

#Maximize YourMojo


In addition to everything else they do, Animal Lifeline runs a thrift shop and all the proceeds go to benefit their many wonderful animal programs.

You may not live in the area of their store, but you can still support them by purchasing these Festival Cat Oven Mitts - and best yet - $5 of every purchase goes directly to Animal Lifeline to help them continue the wonderful work they do. Make your purchase here


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Each Sunday in March, we’ll publish a heartwarming story from Animal Lifeline.  We invite you to check back here each week to see the wonderful work they are doing. 

Congratulations Animal Lifeline for being March’s Jackson Galaxy Foundation #MonthlyMojo.