#ShelterSunday: Simba's New Home

Our #MonthlyMojo shelter for March, Animal Lifeline, tells us that Simba had one of the roughest starts in life a kitten could have. He was born outside in the cold, into a colony of abandoned cats in a county park. Luckily for him, at only a few weeks old he was rescued by some kind women doing what they could to help the cats. His shaky start was not over just yet though. Many of the cats were very sick due to ongoing upper respiratory infections from being out in the freezing cold weather with no vet care. Two days into treatment at his foster family's home, Simba had to be rushed in for emergency vet care as his health suddenly deteriorated. With fluids, antibiotics, and hours of care from his loving foster mom, Simba started to rally! The following week he was up and eating on his own and even starting to play. After a few weeks Simba was finally medically cleared.


His foster mom introduced him to her the other cats. Little did any of them know that they would become his brothers. His foster family who had carefully nurtured him back to health had fallen head over heels in love with him, and couldn't bear to part. This lucky little cat with a stubby tail now has a forever family who couldn't love him anymore, and will never have to fend for himself again.