#ShelterSunday: Save Them From The Rain

Our #MonthlyMojo shelter for March, Animal Lifeline, reports: In the past week heavy rains have deluged Mississippi. Rivers have broken their banks and flash floods have driven people and pets from their homes. At the request of the Mississippi Board of Animal Health, the Southern Pines Animal Shelter opened its doors to incoming victims. They were quickly overrun by the numbers of animals needing safe housing during the floods.


A transport of pre-storm pets out of the shelter was necessary as soon as possible. Animal Lifeline’s transport team was advised by the HSUS that our partners at the Lancaster SPCA were able to take in a large portion of the 70 pets that needed to be moved from the flood region. Within 18 hours of the request for assistance, Animal Lifeline was on the road to meet our partners at Lancaster SPCA and head to Nashville, TN to meet drivers. Nearly 50 dogs and puppies were driven back to Lancaster where they arrived safely and will remain until they find new homes.