#ShelterSunday: Beyond The Puppy Mill


In October 2014, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for March, Animal Lifeline, deployed Disaster Responders to Jackson County, West Virginia, to help 136 dogs & puppies rescued from the horrible conditions at a puppy mill. The team provided sheltering and logistics assistance to staff and volunteers at the Jackson County Animal Shelter for three weeks. Animal Lifeline also provided a grant for spaying and neutering. It was at this shelter that Animal Lifeline first met "Foxy," a two year old Pomeranian left behind after all of the other mill dogs were adopted or placed with rescues.

You see, poor little Foxy had been born with deformed hind legs and was doomed to a lifetime of painfully dragging them behind her as she tried to walk. She needed special surgery not available in West Virginia, so Animal Lifeline transported her to Pennsylvania.

Foxy had her first operation in February, and her second later in May. She is now walking comfortably, thriving on the constant love, attention and physical therapy being provided by her foster - now forever - family. Special thanks to the wonderful vets and staff at CARES and Doylestown Animal Medical Clinic for their outstanding care of this adorable little girl!