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The Jackson Galaxy Foundation’s First International #MonthlyMojo beneficiary for April 2016 is Animal Defenders Indonesia of Jakarta, Indonesia

“Never Retreat – Never Surrender” is the motto of Animal Defenders.  It empowers them to continue eliminating cases of animal neglect, cruelty and abandonment in Jakarta.  This month, the Jackson Galaxy Foundation is proud to support their efforts.  Here’s how.

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Animal Defenders Indonesia

Animal Defenders Indonesia began when various individuals, who were rescuing in separate and uncoordinated efforts, joined together as one group in 2011.  Since uniting, they’ve become much more successful in their rescue, rehab and education programs.

Animal Defenders Indonesia works in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia’s largest city and the nation’s capitol. Jakarta has a huge free roaming dog and cat population.  Although there are many animals in loving homes, Jakarta is an unfriendly place for strays. Animals on the street are often victims of cruelty and suffer from hunger, as well as diseases like rabies.

Luckily, Animal Defenders Indonesia is helping strays every day.  A solid group of 100 volunteers provides free and low cost spay/neuter, as well as free rabies vaccinations.

Education is one of their main goals.  Their teams work with teachers and schools to help the next generation relate to animals in a humane way.  They teach the importance of living in harmony with nature and all those who occupy it.

This month, a special donation page has been set up for Animal Defenders Indonesia, with every dollar going directly to them.  Not even a credit card processing fee is taken out of your donation.

You can help create humane solutions for forgotten cats and street dogs in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Just $10 will vaccinate 5 stray animals!  And $25 will spay/neuter one street cat.  Click here to see how your donation, great or small, can help.


WF product.

Animal Defenders is working to make sure Indonesia’s future generations will be more humane to all living beings — animals, too.

Purchase one of these comfortable, cool tank tops and show how proud you are of the work Animal Defenders is doing.  Every purchase of this Cat and Kitten Tank Top, sends $5 directly to their cause and helps take more animals off the street and into loving homes.



Each Sunday, JacksonGalaxy.com will publish a heartwarming story from Animal Defenders Indonesia. Start your week off with hope and inspiration as another animal is saved from a cruel life on the street.  Check back in on Sundays and look for the posts titled #ShelterSunday.

Congratulations to Animal Defenders Indonesia on being the Jackson Galaxy Foundation’s first International #MonthlyMojo this April 2016!