#ShelterSunday: Aim Beyond The Clouds

Rain had roamed a neighborhood for about a week before a woman desperate to find him help reported him to Animal Defenders Indonesia, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for April. She'd found the poor dog tied with a plastic rope so tight around his neck that his face was bloated, and he was in critical condition. The severity of the infection and swelling was horrifying. Animal Defenders rushed to the scene at midnight, February 14, 2015, in the heavy rain. They carried him into the car, quickly getting him hospitalized at the emergency veterinarian's clinic. Rain underwent surgery to repair the extensive injuries to his neck. He remained hospitalized for 3 weeks due to the severity of the wounds.


Today, Rain's neck and head are finally almost back to normal, and his handsome face is a wonderful site to see. Rain will be relocated within the week to the shelter so he can be cared for with the other dogs until a loving home can be found. It will be an amazing relief for everyone to see Rain playing and free of pain at the shelter!