#ShelterSunday: Got Spunk?


It was an ordinary box, no special markings, left outside the thrift store for our #MonthlyMojo shelter for May, Animal Ark. A volunteer assumed it was a box of donations... and then it moved! Inside was the most gorgeous, long-haired, orange tabby. She had eyes of green that looked up at us with adoration. Her owner had placed a note inside introducing her as Gracey, a much loved, 10-year-old pet to whom their child had become allergic. This happens sometimes--people are too embarrassed or too scared to bring their pets to a rescue, so they leave them outside the door. While the rescue does not condone this, they understand it and make sure the animal receives the care they need.

Gracey quickly became a store favorite, roaming the aisles, greeting customers, basking in the sun, and lapping up all the attention and love freely given to her. She spent several months there, while staff tried to find her a forever home. Then one day a young lady showed up. She had been visiting Gracey often. She was determined to give the lovely girl a home. Today, Gracey is happy and content... and spoiled! She's a cuddly cat with a lot of energy and spunk (especially for her age).