#ShelterSunday: Deaf, Not Dangerous


The mean streets of a big city are no place for a dog... especially a good-natured dog like Sloan. Minneapolis Animal Care & Control picked her up on a hot summer day. While at MACC, it was discovered that Sloan is deaf. It is a myth that deaf dogs are somehow mentally deficient, dangerous, or aggressive, though they can be easily startled if touched or awakened unexpectedly. Knowing that her lack of hearing would make finding the perfect placement more difficult, Animal Ark stepped up and accepted the challenge.

Over the next year, one of our talented and dedicated volunteers bonded with Sloan and began teaching her obedience commands via hand signals. Sloan was eager to learn the training and quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite around Animal Ark.

No matter how much we loved Sloan, potential adopters would meet her, comment on her sweetness, and decide they were not interested in giving a special needs girl a home. Her trainer was determined to find just the right people and reached out to other pitbull rescues to widen our search. And then it happened. The perfect family who was ready and willing to continue Sloan’s training contacted us. Not only did the meet and greet with the family dog go well, the people adored her – oh to be so lucky! They wanted to give our girl Sloan her forever loving home.

The day came for final placement and we could tell they might be a little excited for her arrival. As we stepped into the door, we could not miss the huge banner that read, “Welcome Home Sloan” across the wall of the living room. Today Sloan happily plays with her baby brother dog Oscar, has learned a few new tricks, and is the luckiest dog under the stars.