#ShelterSunday: That Mean-Eyed Cat

Johnny Cash wrote a song about a woman, a train ride, and a mean-eyed cat. We do not know much about the first two, but we know a lot about a mean-eyed cat!! An Animal Ark employee happened to be there on the day a St. Paul Animal Control officer brought her in, the cat they later named Roxy. There she was, petrified, growling, and glued to the back of the cage. The officer said she had "attacked" the owner and would now hold the designation of "dangerous cat," which could mean death if she were to attack again. They held very little hope for her; the owner clearly did not want her, and who would adopt such a cat?

The employee's interest was piqued by this "vicious animal," because what she saw was a frightened little kitty that needed and deserved a chance at a new life. It didn't take long before she noticed that Roxy was blind in one eye. Taking a deep breath, she slowly opened the cage door and began to speak softly and sweetly to the scared kitty. Shockingly, Roxy walked to the front of the cage, placed her paws on our employee's shoulders and began to trill and coo, burrowing her head into her neck. The officer was astonished and our employee... in love.


Once the paperwork cleared, Roxy came to Animal Ark and received probably her first veterinary care -- an exam, vaccines, and a spay surgery. She even saw a specialist about her eye. He said it was most likely damaged by an untreated infection or injury as a kitten and that it would not hinder her ability to be a normal cat. We learned that she did not like to be approached from her blind side or from above which probably explained her past fearful aggression.

Though we love them all, we know our job is to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rehome... but sometimes in this business our heart says differently. Roxy went home with the employee that rescued her of from SPAC. Despite bonding with her and the best efforts at a proper introduction, Roxy did not get along with the resident male cats. She was fearful and miserable. So Animal Ark diligently searched for and found the perfect family to take Roxy, one where she would be the only cat. They spoiled her with love and attention and never once did Roxy act out. She learned how to be a cat: watching birds from the windows, chasing felt mice and playing. She even learned to fetch her favorite toy! Roxy became a constant comfort and companion to her family.


Even a mean (one) eyed cat found love when she found a forever home. Animal Ark - our #MonthlyMojo shelter for May - is honored to be a part of her story.

Well, when I walked in she saw me and she took off her apron,

And she grabbed her goin'-home hat

She bought a ticket with her tips.

Now we're curled up on the sofa,

Me and her and that mean-eyed cat.

  -Johnny Cash