#ShelterSunday: Little Orphan Mindy

"Little Orphan Mindy" was found strolling along a very busy avenue in St. Paul on a crisp Minnesota fall day. Luckily for her, a passing motorist noticed the lost kitten and knew that she would be safe and cared for at Animal Ark, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for May. Shelter staff estimated that Mindy was about five weeks old -- far too young to be alone in this world. She would meow and cry throughout the day; most likely missing her mama and kitty siblings. On a whim, a staff member placed Mindy in her sweatshirt... and for the first time since arriving, Mindy became quiet, relaxed, and she fell asleep!


The next few weeks were filled with more adorable kitten moments as Mindy easily became a favorite of the staff. She was playful, cuddly, and so darned cute! Then one day Mindy had her biggest adventure of all. She was the Animal Ark mascot for the #UberKitten Day. Mindy was a star at every stop she made, adored by many… and adopted by one! Yup, at one of Mindy's appearances, she met her forever mommy.

Mindy’s family renamed her Arlie, after Arlington Avenue, where she was found. She is devoted to her guardians, rarely leaving their sides, and she lives for ear scratches and cuddles. Arlie is an avid red dot hunter and can be a bit feisty at times. She still loves her patè and is sure to let them know when it's time for breakfast and dinner…patiently waiting by the fridge. Arlie has grown into a gorgeous young lady with a terrific personality. Her family is so grateful that Arlie came into their lives, and she is definitely loved and spoiled!

Animal Ark celebrates the many people that it takes to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome companion animals throughout the state of Minnesota. We'd like to join them in thanking you all for doing what you can to help pets in need.