#ShelterSunday: Isabella's Second Chance


Before coming to Seattle Area Feline Rescue, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for June, Isabella had been taken in for euthanasia because of the condition of her skin and coat. But the veterinarian realized her case wasn’t hopeless, and sent her to the rescue instead so that she could have a second chance. As soon as they reached into her carrier and lifted out Isabella, the staff knew she would have a long journey ahead. This petite Persian’s coat had become so matted that it felt like a hard shell covering her tiny body. She was truly a sorry sight!

A community of helping hands quickly rallied around Isabella to give her the loving care she needed to heal. A groomer volunteered to painstakingly shave away Isabella’s matted fur. Rescue volunteers set up a cozy heating pad to keep the newly-hairless kitty warm. Good Samaritans donated baby clothes, and sent her a special medical suit to protect her skin while it healed. A foster mom offered to take her home for extra TLC.

Through it all, Isabella’s strong spirit and quirky personality won the hearts of everyone who met her. Her adorable face always wore a grumpy expression, but underneath, she was a patient, friendly cat. She purred, snuggled in for hugs, and only occasionally let out a creaky little meow of complaint.


With time, Isabella’s fur began to grow back and her skin healed. She blossomed into a beautiful, healthy kitty. Once she was ready, it didn’t take long for her to charm her way into the hearts and home of a new family. Her adopters love their “sweet little girl,” and Isabella is happy as can be with her new life!