#MonthlyMojo: Native America Humane Society

Native America Humane Society July SliderThe Jackson Galaxy Foundation’s #MonthlyMojo beneficiary for July 2016 is Native America Humane Society based in Torrance, California

All Life is Sacred. Respect – Responsibility – Protection – Compassion. These are the words that the Native America Humane Society (NAHS) lives by.

Jackson’s Pick

NAHS4For many Native tribes, stray and free roaming animals are considered the normal within their reservation lands. In Native communities, where an average of nearly thirty percent of the population is living below the poverty level, resources are often unavailable to control animal populations or provide them with basic care and vaccinations.

The NAHS was organized to find solutions for the challenges facing Native communities in humanely managing their animal populations.  The NAHS works collaboratively with Tribal, Federal and State agencies as well as private, local and nonprofit sectors to continually improve the lives of tribal cats, dogs and other animals living among them.

As Jackson Galaxy’s #MonthlyMojo for July, a special donation page has been set up just for the Native America Humane Society, with every cent going to help protect the sacred lives of animals.  Not even credit card processing fees are taken out of the contributions made here.

As little as $10 will provide vaccines for one animal.  And $25 will provide heartworm testing for one animal.  See how else your donation will help.



WF product

By purchasing one of these colorful “Angels Live Here” floor mats, you can help NAHS fulfill their mission, to empower Native communities to be healthier, happier and safer by providing information, support and resources for animal care programs in Indian country.

And best yet, $5 of every purchase goes directly to Native America Humane Society, allowing NAHS to  assist even more Native community members and their animals.


NAHS brings a variety of programs and services to interested Tribal communities to help them meet the health needs of their animals and to humanely manage the population. Their approach ensures services are welcome and supported in the community, the needs of the community have been integrated into service plans and community members are fully engaged. They include:

  • establishing and maintaining ongoing spay and neuter programs
  • providing food and veterinary care
  • rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming abused and abandoned animals
  • providing doghouses and straw for bedding so animals have a warm, secure place to rest
  • education programs to protect people and animals who share their sacred lands together


Check back every Sunday in July to read about heartwarming NAHS success stories and the animals that benefitted from their work.