#ShelterSunday: Lucky By Name & By Nature

Recently, at an NAHS clinic in Laguna, word came that a local dog, Lucky, had gotten loose, run into some trouble with another dog, and then gotten into the Rio San Jose river to nurse his wounds. Growing weak from blood loss, he couldn’t get out of the water by himself. But hard-working Laguna animal control officers jumped right in to save him, and Lucky was pulled from the river just in the nick of time. After emergency treatment by NAHS and AVMA veterinarians who were standing by, Lucky came around and was soon back to his healthy self. He was also happily reunited with his worried owner. All thanks to this team of true professionals dedicated to saving the lives of tribal animals. Now that’s lucky!

Lucky 1

Sometimes shelter means more than a temporary home. It can also mean help for owned pets who don't have access to quality veterinary care. For community members at the Pueblo of Laguna, a Native American community located in New Mexico, not only is the nearest vet at least an hour's drive away, but vet care does not fit into most budgets.

The Native America Humane Society (NAHS), our #MonthlyMojo shelter for July, is working to change this by assisting tribes in helping their community members and their pets be healthier, happier, and safer through animal care programs.