#MonthlyMojo: A Diamond in the Rough

Karen and Diamond

The sad-looking stray dog was found leaning against a door in the tribal community of White Earth, barely able to stand because of injuries and multiple health conditions including both ehrlichiosis and heartworm. Very quickly, the circle of friends and rescue groups in northern Minnesota devoted to caring for tribal pets jumped into action to save this sweet fellow. Karen Good at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue (RLRR) on the Red Lake reservation immediately christened him Diamond, because his soul shined so brightly even under his dirty and matted coat.

Under Karen's loving care, Diamond quickly recovered and blossomed. With an outgoing personality, he's so popular with people and other critters that this "precious gem" now shines his light as a spokes-dog and fundraiser for animal care clinics at Red Lake, White Earth, and Leech Lake tribal communities.

Diamond and Kane BFF (1)

About the size of the state of Rhode Island, the Red Lake reservation is remote and isolated, with few available options for animal care. Since 2006, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue has provided provide spay/neuter services, wellness care, and adoption services to thousands and thousands of deserving Red Lake "rez" cats and dogs like Diamond. The rescue is a valued partner in the mission of our #MonthlyMojo shelter for July, the Native America Humane Society, to help tribal communities and their pets.

Diamond 10