#ShelterSunday: Living Like a King

Arthur the kitten was surrendered for adoption to a Native America Humane Society network partner, Leech Lake Legacy, an animal advocacy group that serves the people and pets of the Leech Lake Reservation in Minnesota. A princely lad of a kitten named Arthur, and his brother, Adam, were among 38 cats and kittens that LLL took in to place with partner shelters and rescues for continuing veterinary care and ultimately, adoption.

Arthur 2

During Arthur's pre- surgical exam, it was discovered that this handsome young king had a pea-sized growth on his head. Along with neutering Arthur, the veterinarians also removed the growth. Sadly, the histopathology report showed the growth was cancer - a malignant spindle cell sarcoma that was likely to return, making Arthur's prognosis not so promising.

LLL board member and dedicated cat volunteer Sandra Olberding said, "bring his Royal Highness to me, and I'll make sure he spends the rest of his days in regal splendor." Though his immune system remains compromised, Arthur still holds court with Sandra as his official lady-in-waiting.

Arthur 1

Native America Humane Society, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for July, is supported by the great people in organizations like LLL who bring information, support, and resources to Native American communities. Together we can make it happen.