#MonthlyMojo: Soi Dog Foundation

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The Jackson Galaxy Foundation’s Second International #MonthlyMojo beneficiary for August 2016 is Soi Dog Foundation of Thailand

Soi Dog Foundation's Mission is to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Thailand, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities, to end animal cruelty and to ultimately create a society without homeless animals.

And how are they doing that?

Jackson’s Pick

Soi Dog was founded in 2003 by Margot Homburg Park and John and Gill Dalley. Phuket was growing rapidly at the time and the stray dog and cat population was increasing at a fast pace. Witnessing the suffering endured by street animals, the three held Soi Dog’s first spay/neuter clinic utilizing volunteer vets from overseas.

Soi Dog Foundation helps these sick and injured cats of Thailand in three main ways:

First, they run spay and neuter clinics to sterilize the streets cats in various areas of Thailand. They believe spay and neuter is the only effective and humane way to prevent unwanted animals being born into suffering and death by starvation, injury, disease, or inhumane culling. Soi Dog's spay and neuter clinics have had a positive and lasting impact. (Soi Dog has reached a milestone of over 115,000 dogs and cats sterilized!).

Second, they run a dedicated cat hospital to treat the thousands of cats that come to their shelter each year. The clinic not only treats the cats in need but also has facilities to house cats that are in need of adoption.

Third, their team works very hard to find loving homes for hundreds of cats each year, and these cats can even be sent to new homes in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe.

You can help! Just $10 helps save the lives of cats in Thailand!  See how else your donation can help here, where not even a credit card fee will be taken out of your donation.


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Life can be cruel if you are a homeless cat in Thailand. Born into an endless cycle of suffering, these cats are battling disease, malnutrition and injuries caused by road accidents or cruelty. While Soi Dog Foundation runs a mass sterilization program to reduce the number of unwanted stray cats in Thailand, thousands of cats in need of urgent treatment still arrive at the shelter every year.

You can remind yourself every day, how felines all over the world need our help. $5 dollars of every purchase of this “Love You to the Moon & Back Kitty Car Charm” will go directly to the Soi Dog Foundation, helping them rescue another homeless animal.


Each Sunday, a heartwarming rescue story from Soi Dog will be posted here. Start off your week reading a heart-warming story of how another homeless animal was rescued from the streets of Thailand!