#ShelterSunday: A Cry For Help

Wardsana was only six months old, but she had faced many challenges in her short life as a street cat in Thailand. Desperate for help, Wardsana walked straight into someone’s home and just sat there and cried. The woman who lived in the home rushed to see what the noise was and was horrified by what she saw. She took Wardsana straight to Soi Dog Foundation.

Suffering from a terrible case of mange, Wardsana was covered in excruciating scabs, as well as infected ears and an ulcer on her tongue which prevented her from eating. After months of treatment, Wardsana grew the most magnificent coat of white fur and started to act like a cheeky kitten. She even managed to steal the heart of one of Soi Dog’s veterinarians, who adopted her.

Wardsana now enjoys life in a loving home, and will never have to struggle to survive again.