#ShelterSunday: Pinky

Forgotten Feline: Pinky

Last month, Marie, a concerned Bronx resident, contacted the New York City Feral Cat Initiative (NYCFCI) to request help for Pinky, a young, feral, gray tabby from a local colony, who was in trouble. Marie had spotted her wandering the streets with a rusty, broken can on her head. Unable to eat or drink in the extreme heat of the summer, Pinky was in dire need of assistance.

Marie had tried to get help for Pinky for almost a week, but to no avail. She reached out to the Alliance just in time. Within a matter of hours, Pinky was trapped and brought to a local, feral-friendly veterinarian.

First, Pinky was sedated so that the can could be removed and she could be examined. Due to the amount of time she spent in the can, she was severely dehydrated, and had sustained some injuries from the metal cutting her skin. The vet administered fluids, antibiotics, and treatment for her wounds. After some TLC, Pinky was ready to be returned to her colony. Because of donor support, the NYCFCI is able to care for New York City's forgotten felines, and cats like Pinky can receive the care they so critically need.

"Thank you for helping Pinky... when no one else would! We are very grateful to the Mayor's Alliance. We tried to get help for a week and then called you. She's doing great today!"
-- Marie, Bronx

Supporting the NYC Feral Cat Initiative strengthens our life-saving efforts… one cat at a time! To support the efforts of October’s Monthly Mojo, the NYC Feral Cat Initiative, and help them continue the work they do to help animals like Pinky, please donate to their Gift That Gives More Campaign.