#MonthlyMojo: Cat Town of Oakland, California

The Jackson Galaxy Foundation Monthly Mojo Recipient for November, 2016, is Cat Town of Oakland, California

Jackson's Pick

Cat Town was founded as a foster-based organization by a volunteer of Oakland Animal Services (OAS), Oakland’s municipal shelter, to address the fact that OAS’s rescue partners almost exclusively helped the easiest-to-place cats, leaving behind the cats that most needed the intervention.

When Cat Town started operating, in 2011, 42% of the cats that came into Oakland's municipal shelter were euthanized. It's the small minority of cats who do well in a shelter; many can appear to be un-adoptable because of their reaction to being in a cage and in a stressful or unfamiliar environment. The shelter relies on adopters and rescue organizations to keep from becoming full, but many adopters avoid the shelter because they think it will be depressing. On top of that, the cats that most need the intervention are often least likely to get it.

Cat Town’s core mission: to help the cats who would might otherwise be euthanized – cats that are shy, under socialized, or extremely stressed, senior cats, and cats with medical conditions. Through their Forgotten Kitten Project, they also help older kittens that enter the shelter after the ideal window for socializing them has closed.

Recognizing that many cats don't show well in a traditional shelter environment, Cat Town's goal is to get cats out of the shelter and into a more relaxing environment where they can thrive, and let potential adopters meet them there. They do this through their foster program, where cats live in homes until they are adopted, and through Cat Town Cafe, a cage-free adoption center and the first cat cafe in the United States (and the only one run by a nonprofit).

Since Cat Town started, they have helped reduce the euthanasia rate for cats at OAS from 42% in 2011 to less than 10% today!

You can help! 

Just $10 helps build an enriched environment for homeless cats to help better improve their chances of getting adopted.  See how else your donation can help.

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in Oakland and able to visit Cat Town Café, you can help by purchasing “Catification,” personally autographed by Jackson Galaxy of “My Cat From Hell.”  Five dollars ($5) of every book purchase goes directly to Cat Town, helping them get more cats into a fun, stimulating environment for adoption, thus allowing potential adopters to see the “real cat.” Be sure to use the coupon code "CATTOWN" to benefit Cat Town with your purchase.


Each Sunday, you can read a wonderful story about how Cat Town has taken at-risk kitties from the shelter, socialized them and put them in an environment designed especially for fun and adoption.  Check back here, or stop in at Oakland’s, Cat Town Café for a snack and a snuggle with an adoptable kitty.