#ShelterSunday: A Lucky Break for Twiggy at Cat Town

Cat Town is sometimes asked what they mean when they say their mission is to help the “hardest-to-place” cats. Twiggy is a perfect example. This 13-year-old black cat needs daily medicine for a thyroid condition and tries to disappear whenever a stranger comes by. Add that all up and you’ll find that there aren’t many people who would give her a chance. Oh, and it didn’t help that she was scheduled to be euthanized by her caretakers because she wasn’t using her litter box. 

One of the beautiful things about Cat Town is that they attract amazing people who want to help the cats who need it most. They’re all about full disclosure, so they shared her litter box history with Sayla and Jamie, the people who offered to foster Twiggy.  They also explained that with all the crazy boxes and litters out there that are created for people not cats, chances are the problem had nothing to do with Twiggy. And, sure enough, they gave Twiggy a simple box and some unscented litter and she hasn’t missed the box even once.

After Twiggy started to feel safe, her favorite place to be was snuggling under the covers.  She’s an absolute love.

So, hard-to-place doesn’t mean difficult, it just means there are some extra obstacles to the cat being given a chance. As with Twiggy, open your heart and she’ll repay you tenfold.

When Sayla and Jamie recently had an opportunity to move, they realized they couldn’t imagine leaving their beloved foster cat Twiggy behind at Cat Town.  This world without Twiggy!? Cat Town couldn’t imagine it either. 

It may take some extra time and effort, but Cat Town was started to save the cats who need that lucky break. With Twiggy celebrating her first Thanksgiving with her new family, Cat Town’s dedicated staff and volunteers are off to get another senior cat out of a shelter cage.

To help more cats like Twiggy, please contribute to Cat Town’s Gift That Gives More Campaign! Or purchase a copy of Catification, AUTOGRAPHED by Jackson Galaxy, and $5.00 of every sale goes to Cat Town through November 30th. Use the code “CATTOWN” at check out.