#ShelterSunday: Dexter Is a Sweet Boy, Finally Getting the Life He Deserves

A Payette sheriff called Simply Cats for help in May when she discovered a hoarding situation. Two people and 16 cats were living in a single-wide trailer infested with fleas and cockroaches. It was filthy and reeked of insecticides, and the cats needed medical attention. Fortunately, Simply Cats had the space and the ability to rescue all 16 cats.

Because the cats lived in a chemically toxic environment and had not been given sufficient food or medical care, they were all very thin and suffered from severe upper respiratory infections, fleas, and mites. It took an average of two months per cat to treat all the conditions.

Dexter had additional concerns. He had horrific ulcerated skin lesions around his neck, on his shoulder, and his tail, and he required the longest and most involved treatment. Dexter’s treatment started in May and lasted well into September. 

Slowly but surely, between time at the shelter and in foster care, Dexter responded to the medications and the TLC given to him. After his long recovery, everyone at Simply Cats was amazed by how resilient Dexter was. Despite all he had been through, he was super friendly and affectionate to everyone he met.

Dexter was promoted by Simply Cats as their most cheerful hoarding case survivor, and they were looking for an adopter who would be able to give Dexter the time and attention he deserved – probably for the first time in his life. Just three hours after Dexter was on the adoption floor, a fellow came in and was completely charmed by Dexter and his story. It was the beginning of Dexter’s new life.

Simply Cats recently received an update along with a picture of Dexter relaxing in his new home. His guardian says Dexter is the sweetest, happiest cat he’s ever known.

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