#ShelterSunday: Georgie, The "Bottle Baby" Who Could

Georgie was discovered lying in the middle of a woman’s lawn after a big rain storm. She was in imminent danger since she was soaked, and looked barely three weeks old. A diligent search revealed no mama cat.

When Georgie was surrendered to Simply Cats, all of their “bottle baby” fosters were busy with litters. In some shelters, she might have been euthanized just because of the care she required and the lack of available fosters. Instead, the staff at Simply Cats took turns bottle feeding her onsite during the day, and she went home with a staff member every night.

After 5 days, her urine had a very pungent odor. Poor little Georgie, so young and already weak, was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. Simply Cats immediately started her on the antibiotics she needed and Georgie began to feel much better soon after that.

Georgie quickly became a staff favorite and was very spoiled and very loved during her bottle feeding days. She weighed only four ounces at intake, so it took quite a while before Georgie reached her goal weight. But once she was eating on her own, she went into one of Simply Cats’ caring foster homes. There Georgie found other cats and small dogs for her to play with, and she was well-socialized. When she returned to Simply Cats’ shelter, she was a bright-eyed and beautiful kitten.

The same day she was made available for adoption, she found her forever human.

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