#ShelterSunday: Miracle Michael Goes From Hoarding to Foster to Forever Home

Michael arrived at Simply Cats Adoption Center with 26 other very sick cats who were rescued from a horrible hoarding situation. A passerby spotted cat carriers stacked to the ceiling and cats everywhere inside a parked shuttle bus. Thankfully, he reported it to authorities right away and they took action. The conditions in the bus were unimaginable. Some cats had died on the bus; others were too ill to survive.

Simply Cats contacted the agency handling the hoarding case (Ontario Feral Cat Project) to offer their assistance, and a small army of volunteers and veterinarians donated their time and skills to try and save as many cats as possible. Simply Cats transported 27 of the cats back to their shelter in Boise.

Poor Michael suffered with several conditions requiring a variety of medications: a serious upper respiratory infection; swollen, infected eyes; ear mites; fleas; and skin ulcers from an unknown cause. Once his eye infections cleared up enough to be examined more closely, entropion was diagnosed in the left eye. Entropion is a condition in which a portion of the eyelid is turned inward against the eyeball rather than lying flush around it. This condition causes pain and discomfort and can lead to severe eye injury.

Michael’s left eyelid required surgery to return the eyelid to its normal position, and over the following months, Michael remained with Simply Cats for medical care. His eye required additional surgery and his skin dermatitis took a very long time to heal because his immune system was so compromised.

Eventually, though, Michael recovered enough to go to a foster home for more healing. Throughout his ordeal, Michael was an amazingly affectionate and sweet-natured boy. Like many of the hoarding cats, he showed incredible courage and resilience, and he was well loved by staff and volunteers.

As it turned out, his foster mama loved him so much that she adopted him herself. Michael had found a loving home and was quite content to stay there. His human keeps in touch with Simply Cats on a regular basis and sends pictures. She calls him “sweet Mikey,” and says she’s so glad he chose her to be his best friend.

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