#ShelterSunday: Cindy Lou, the Tripod Angel

Cindy Lou and her two brothers were discovered outdoors by one of Simply Cats’ volunteers.  This volunteer had noticed them before on her neighbor’s property and was concerned about their welfare.  They were only 12 to 16 weeks old. It was winter in Idaho, and the kittens were dirty, skinny, and injured.

The volunteer decided to talk with her neighbor to find out why the kittens were fending for themselves. Her neighbor basically said they’d either make it or they wouldn’t – she couldn’t be bothered to care. Naturally, our volunteer was appalled, but diplomatically offered to take the kittens “off her hands”. Luckily, the neighbor agreed and signed the kittens over.

The three kittens were taken immediately to our volunteer’s personal veterinarian, who assessed all three. Cindy Lou was dragging her right rear leg, so it was splinted. Within days, it was apparent that the splint wasn’t going to do the trick because it wouldn’t stay on Cindy Lou’s leg. It was at this point that our volunteer called to see if we had room to take in the kittens and if we could provide whatever care little Cindy Lou needed.

Our medical director examined Cindy Lou and found her leg was broken in two places. Since the splint hadn’t been successful and she wasn’t using the leg, he felt an amputation was the best solution. A spay was also done while she was under anesthesia. Both surgeries went amazingly well and Cindy spent the next 10 days in recovery.

“Tripods” seem to hold a special place in many cat lovers’ hearts. Cindy Lou was adopted as soon as she was available. A few days later, her family reported that she was running circles around their other cat (her new best friend). Cindy Lou was renamed Malaika - it means “angel” in Swahili. Last month Simply Cats received two pictures with the caption: “She’s a very happy girl.”

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