#MonthlyMojo: Diabetic Cats in Need

The Jackson Galaxy Foundation #MonthlyMojo beneficiary for January, 2017, is Diabetic Cats in Need

Jackson's Pick

Diabetic Cats in Need (DCIN) is fully run by volunteers who believe passionately in the group’s mission: to keep diabetic cats in their original, loving homes, regardless of the income level of their caregivers.  DCIN supports diabetic cats in their original, adoptive, shelter, and rescue homes; helps to rehome unwanted diabetic cats; and helps to educate caregivers on the appropriate treatment of diabetic cats.


DCIN was founded in 2008 by Venita Wood when she realized the critical need for funding to keep diabetic cats from being needlessly euthanized.  Feline diabetes is a growing epidemic.  Often, low-income caregivers are unable to afford the care required to treat their diabetic cats and must consider surrendering them to a shelter or euthanizing them.  DCIN’s Compassionate Assistance Program works as a safety net for low-income caregivers of diabetic cats throughout the United States and Canada, ensuring diabetic cat caregivers do not have to make a difficult or tragic choice.

You Can Help! 

A DCIN "starter kit" for new patients 

A DCIN "starter kit" for new patients 

You can help DCIN to fulfill their mission by contributing to their “Gift That Gives More” campaign. Just $5 buys a key piece of diabetic cat treatment equipment; $25 provides 100 blood glucose test strips and $50 provides a full “starter kit” for new clients. Every dollar you donate goes directly to DCIN and there is NO credit card or processing fee charged. Every donation helps! 

You can also donate to DCIN through their website.


Want to help a diabetic cat in need and also give your own favorite feline a wonderful treat? Just purchase one of these “TNR Cat Buddy” toys and $5.00  of every purchase goes directly to DCIN!





Every Sunday, check back here to read about a diabetic kitty who is getting a new lease on life with the help of Diabetic Cats in Need.