#ShelterSunday: Jake’s Journey Off the "Juice"

Jake is an extra-sweet boy who lives with his human mom and three kitty siblings after being found behind a local bar. His mom noticed that he had started to lose weight and was having some difficulty using his back legs properly, so she took him in to the vet. The vet thought he might have arthritis, so he was started on a supplement for that.

 A few weeks later, Jake was still doing poorly and continuing to lose weight and have more trouble with his back legs. Jake's mom did some of her own research online and discovered that diabetic neuropathy was a possible cause for hind leg weakness, and all of his other symptoms matched those of diabetes, too. She took him back into the vet and sure enough, he had an elevated blood glucose level and glucose in his urine, so he was diagnosed with diabetes.

 This was devastating for Jake's mom, because she knew that on her very limited income, she would not be able to afford insulin for Jake. She considered euthanizing Jake that day because he would just continue to worsen without treatment, and she knew that death by hyperglycemia is slow and horribly painful.  However, she talked it over with the vet and decided to take Jake home until his symptoms worsened.

DCIN Starter Kit

DCIN Starter Kit

That was when she went looking for support groups online to see if there was anything she could do for Jake without being able to afford insulin. One of the groups directed her to Diabetic Cats in Need and told her that DCIN helps low-income owners afford the care for their diabetic cats. She applied for assistance, was approved, and within a week she had insulin and a blood glucose testing kit in the mail.

When the kit arrived, Jake's mom was so grateful that she burst into tears and told the postman all about DCIN and how the medicine he delivered would save her baby's life. She learned how to test his glucose levels and give insulin, and she changed Jake's food to low carb canned food. With proper food and with guidance on glucose regulation from DCIN and the Diabetic Cat Help forum, Jake's symptoms started to improve quickly, and within a month Jake was in remission! He has not needed insulin since then, just a low carb diet.  Jake is a poster child for showing how easy it can be to control feline diabetes.

Jake and Gretchen

Jake and Gretchen

A few months later, Jake's feline sister, Gretchen, started losing weight and drinking excessive amounts of water. Because of her experience with Jake, Mom suspected diabetes, so she took out Jake's testing supplies and tested Gretchen's blood glucose - and it came up elevated! She contacted Diabetic Cats in Need once again, and DCIN funded Gretchen’s initial testing to confirm her mom’s diagnosis and her first pens of insulin. Gretchen is now getting the care she needs as well, thanks to DCIN’s Compassionate Assistance Program.

 DCIN posts kitties like Jack and Gretchen who need new forever homes daily.  We are happy to help new diabetic kitty parents learn how to do the “Sugar Dance” – as Jake’s story shows, it’s a lot easier than most people think!  If you’d like to open your heart and home to an extra-sweet kitty, please check out DCIN’s Facebook Wall or see their Adoptable Kitties map: http://tinyurl.com/DCINkittymap

You can help DCIN to fulfill their mission by contributing to their “Gift That Gives More” campaign. Just $5 buys a key piece of diabetic cat treatment equipment; $25 provides 100 blood glucose test strips and $50 provides a full “starter kit” for new clients. Every dollar you donate goes directly to DCIN and there is NO credit card or processing fee charged. Every donation helps! 

You can also help DCIN by purchasing one of our “TNR Cat Buddy” toys (packed with premium catnip)! $5.00 of every Cat Buddy sold will go directly to DCIN.