The Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate

Into The Wild

Jackson's brand new line of cat products has been released out into the wild!  You can now find Jackson-designed cat toys and products at your favorite pet store.  (And if you can't, ask for them!)

The Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate features a variety of wands, toys, scratchers, tunnels and tents to cater to the ideal cat environment, known to #TeamCatMojo as #Catification.  Each product speaks to natural cat behaviors -- Hunt, Catch, Kill, Eat, Groom and Sleep.

Says CEO of Petmate, Alice Tillett: "The Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate is changing the cat play category by incorporating real-world understanding of cats and their natural instincts.  The line provides the tools and building blocks for pet families to create the ideal cat play experience for a wide variety of feline personalities, and it caters to the prey-and-play cat lifestyle."

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A Giveaway For #TeamCatMojo

Now through Dec. 31, 2014, you can enter your cat to win a $1,000 Pet Supplies Plus Gift Card, $500 worth of products from The Jackson Galaxy Collection, a personalized and autographed copy of Jackson's new book Catification (#1 New York Times Bestseller in the Animal category) and a personalized and autographed picture of Jackson!  And ALL THAT, is just the Grand Prize.  2nd and 3rd Place Prizes are also available.  Just snap a photo of your cat and enter it here.  Good Luck and Have Fun!  And in the meantime, check this out....

Video Tour of The Jackson Galaxy Collection

The Galaxy Wands

The Galaxy Wands are already a winner of the Cat Fancy 2014 Editor’s Choice Award, recognizing 2014’s best products for cats.  Available in an Air Prey or Ground Prey option, The Galaxy Wand features a telescoping wand and an interchangeable toy that allows cat families to direct interactive play.  Air Prey is for cats that like to climb tall furniture and chase flying objects, while Ground Prey is for cats that prefer lurking under furniture and chasing anything that goes by.

Base Camp, Cat Crawls, and Carrier

Cat Crawl™ tunnels in mesh or solid nylon encourage stalking and exploration. Zip them onto the Base Camp hub to create a winding tunnel trail. Zip them onto the Carrier to teach your cat that the Carrier is a fun, safe place to be.

The Go Fish

Cats can fish kibble or treats out of the Jackson Galaxy Collection Go Fish™ puzzle toy, featuring silicone fish tails that stimulate cats' natural hunting instincts. Dishwasher safe, the tails remove for cleaning and easily rotate to continuously change the puzzle.

The Comfy Cocoon

A safe sleeping place for cats with a wire-supported opening that can be adjusted to your cat's size. Increase your cat's confidence and feeling of security. Keep the back end zipped shut if your cat is a real snuggler, or leave it open so they can dart out of either side. Both the front and middle of the Comfy Cocoon adjust to your cat's size and snuggle preference.

The Galaxy Spiral

The Galaxy Spiral caters to a cat's fascination with hide and seek hunting games! Capture your cat’s imagination with the motion activated LED ball. Watch your cat become entranced as he follows the bright lights and swats the ball along the track. The cardboard scratcher in the center offers additional exercise as well as a scent soaker for your cat to mark as his own. Great for multiple cat households.

Twisted Kickers

Designed to encourage a cat's need to stalk and attach to its prey, the Jackson Galaxy Twisted Kicker™ includes made-in-the-USA catnip pods at each end. Available in denim with a sisal center band or in plush velvet.

TO KEEP UP WITH THE VIDEOS AS THEY'RE RELEASED, GO TO The JG Collection by Petmate ON Jackson's YouTube Channel.