My Cat From Hell Now Casting

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My Cat From Hell is NOW CASTING!

UPDATE: Casting is now complete.  Thanks so much for all your submissions. And we'll look forward to seeing you on future episodes of My Cat From Hell.

We're looking for "hellish cats"

  • Do you know a cat who needs to meet Jackson Galaxy?
  • Do they have an unusual issue that's never been seen on My Cat From Hell???
  • Are they in the United States?

We're looking for YOU!

...and "Hero Cats," too!

  • Did your cat survive incredible odds?
  • Have they done things for other animals and/or humans that the world needs to hear about?
  • Do you live in the United States?

We're looking for YOU, too!

Email your submission to and include the following:


  • Your Name
  • Age
  • City
  • Contact phone number
  • Who you live with
  • If entering in the 'hellish' category, tell us how it’s affecting your life/relationship


  • Be sure to include your cat’s name
  • Cat’s age
  • Cat’s breed
  • Where you got the cat and
  • If entering in the 'hellish' category tell us, in detail, about your cat’s behavioral problems and why you (or your family) are at your wits end
  • If entering in the 'hero' category, tell us why your cat is a hero!


  • Include pictures of you
  • Pictures of your family members and
  • Of course pictures of your cat

Good luck!