My Cat From Hell Season 7 Premiere is Sat. Apr. 2, 2016 on Animal Planet

2016 MCFH7 on now

The Cat Daddy Is Back!

Jackson brings you along to solve his most difficult cat cases -- AND to introduce you to real live "cats from heaven," too -- on all NEW episodes of My Cat From Hell, begining Saturday, April 2, 2016 at 8pm E/P (7pm C), on Animal Planet.

"My Cat From Heaven"

This season, a new segment called "My Cat From Heaven" will show remarkable stories about the deep bond that can develop between humans and felines.

Beyond any doubt, it will prove that among man's best friends are cats (and not just dogs).

photo by Lori Fusaro

Feral Cats and Shelter Communities

Also new this season, Jackson ventures into the wild world of community cats and feral felines.

You'll see how he works with a shelter to improve the lives of adoptable cats and increase their odds of winning the cat lottery: going home to a forever family.

Season Seven = 10 Episodes

There will be some very special and unusual cat cases to look out for this season.

Highlights include:

  • a cat tortured by the sight of her own tail
  • a Savannah hybrid's instinct to hunt endangers its own life
  • a mother and son are overwhelmed by caring for a feral colony

Many Missions, One Goal

Jackson always has one goal in mind - to prevent people from giving up their pets and contributing to already overcrowded shelters.

See how that happens, home by home, and cat by cat.

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