Facebook Live: Apr. 25, 2017

My Cat From Hell is coming back with ALL NEW shows this month!

Jackson Galaxy himself will give you a sneak peek -- he'll answer your questions about the new season on a Facebook LIVE session on his Facebook Page, Tue. Apr. 25 at 1:30p P/4:30p E

UPDATE: here's the direct link to the Q&A

What do YOU want to know about the NEW SEASON?  Submit your question in the comments to this Facebook Post.

As an advanced sneak peek, here's an excerpt from the Animal Planet press release about the new My Cat From Hell (premieres Sat. Apr. 29 at 9pm Pacific/Eastern).

He works with a couple hesitant to have children due to their cats’ behavior, a family who bought a bi-level house just to keep their cats separated and, in an absolute first, Jackson encounters a cat guardian with an extreme cat phobia. Plus, in order to save the lives of 50 kittens due to overcrowded shelters, Jackson enlists renowned kitten expert Hannah Shaw to drive 16 hours with him from Los Angeles to Colorado’s Boulder Humane – the shelter where he got his start – which has agreed to take them in and find them loving homes.

The series’ segment, My Cat from Heaven, returns with heartwarming stories exemplifying the healing power of the feline, including a cat and his guardian who lift each other’s spirit as they both fight chronic diseases, a cat who brings comfort to hospital patients of all ages and a young cat who becomes a surrogate to foster kittens.