A cat behaviorist with more than twenty years of experience – and the host of Animal Planet’s hit show My Cat From Hell – Jackson Galaxy specializes in helping humans better understand cats and bettering the lives of cats, whether in homes, in shelters or on the street.

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#ShelterSunday: The Escape Artist


When you first saw Sylvester, you wouldn’t think “lap cat.” He was a big, rough guy, with stained fur, dirty…

#ShelterSunday: Luck Can Change

The day Salem arrived at the rescue

Salem’s story had a very unlucky beginning. It was the night of Friday the 13th, and the May weather was…

Best Friends Conference: July 15, 2016

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The Catification Session Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther.com will present a session on Catification at the Best Friends National Conference,…

#ShelterSunday: High Places


When he first came to the rescue, Buddy acted like a “Cat from Hell.” He sprayed his enclosure and lashed…

My Cat From Hell Shelter Makeover: June 11, 2016

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Join Jackson online for tons of fun gearing up for the My Cat From Hell Season Finale! What’s all the fuss?…

#ShelterSunday: Isabella’s Second Chance


Before coming to Seattle Area Feline Rescue, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for June, Isabella had been taken in for euthanasia because…

#ShelterSunday: Little Orphan Mindy


“Little Orphan Mindy” was found strolling along a very busy avenue in St. Paul on a crisp Minnesota fall day….

#ShelterSunday: Rare, But Treatable


Animal Ark, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for May, recently helped a special kitty back to health. This is her story, as…

#ShelterSunday: That Mean-Eyed Cat


Johnny Cash wrote a song about a woman, a train ride, and a mean-eyed cat. We do not know much about the first two, but we know a lot about a mean-eyed cat!!

#ShelterSunday: Deaf, Not Dangerous


The mean streets of a big city are no place for a dog… especially a good-natured dog like Sloan. Minneapolis…