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A cat behaviorist with more than fifteen years of experience – and the host of Animal Planet’s hit show My Cat From Hell – Jackson Galaxy specializes in helping individuals whose “out of control” cats are turning their lives and homes upside down.

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#ShelterSunday: Richey Before & After


What chance does a tiny kitten with a severe upper respiratory and eye infection have on his own? Richey is…

Aggression In Cats

Dr.Jean slider Aggression In Cats

This post is by Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM, holistic veterinarian and original founder of Spirit Essences holistic remedies for animals….

#ShelterSunday: It Takes A Village


Gina was on death row at Animal Control, but she had a very special and diverse group of supporters that…

CAT MOJO: Exactly How Diet Affects Your Cat

CATMOJO Exactly How Diet Affects Your Cat

Jackson chats about all the ways you would actually see a change in your cat if you switched her off…

#ShelterSunday: Extraordinary Will To Live


Mickey has an extraordinary story.  Animal Control found him the morning after a cold and rainy night, dumped in their…

CAT MOJO: You’re Petting Your Cat All Wrong

CATMOJO You're Petting Your Cat All Wrong

Ever had your cat reject you when you pet her? It’s not that she isn’t friendly or doesn’t love you,…

#ShelterSunday: Dreaming Of A Forever Home


Who would take a big, friendly, sweet, FIV+ cat?  That was the question – and our #MonthlyMojo shelter for August,…

CAT MOJO: What Is Jackson Galaxy Reading?

CATMOJO What's Jackson Galaxy Reading?

What books about cat behavior and health does Jackson recommend? Find out in this episode of Cat Mojo! Never miss…

#ShelterSunday: Happily Ever After


Juanito had a rough start in life.  We’ll never know the full story, but the man who found him reported…

CAT MOJO: Does My Cat Have Separation Anxiety?

CATMOJO Does My Cat Have Separation Anxiety?

How do you know if a cat has separation anxiety? The Cat Daddy explains on this episode of Cat Mojo!